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After a long day at work, you shall be expecting the presence of inner calmness at home. Surrender your pocket garden to us, and we grant you an absolutely peaceful living environment, thoughtfully designed and built to pamper your mind and soul. Every day from now on, be welcomed home by the sheer serenity of your front yard garden. 


Serenity For Your Home.

No more envy in green, you can have a vista of greenery at doorsteps, We provide design and build landscaping services to secure natural calmness in your garden. Our experienced landscape designers are ready at your service.

Despite the growth and change of over twenty years of experience, our team has consistently impressed our clients by creating landscapes that make them happy and satisfied. We understand the business from every angle and will incorporate customer perspective to produce the best results. We have a track record of effectively attending to the many details necessary to perform services cost consciously, meticulously and with a personal touch not found elsewhere.

Our mission is to enhance the value of landscapes through thoughtful design, careful installation and conscientious service, and we strive to achieve this mission for every client’s property. We aim to be Malaysia’s utmost diligently certified supplier of Zen-inspired landscapes.

Garden Trees

Exquisitely Crafted Trees For Your Garden.
Earthly Treasures' collections of evergreens include two rare varieties of Podocarpus (羅漢松 or luó hàn sōng) and a Juniperus (真柏 or zhēn bǎi) which are exclusively available here. There are also various types of bonsais such as the Water Jasmine (水梅 or shuǐ méi), Premna Microphylla (寿娘子 shòu niáng zǐ) and other. Our evergreens are known for good fengshui and soothing flow of healthy "Qi", all waiting for their verdant new home. 
  • Podocarpus
Botanically, Podocarpus is a conifer. The plant is very ornamental and versatile. The soft-textured, glossy, needle-like flat and dark green leaves make it an attractive standalone plant or a lawn tree. It copes well with pruning, so can be clipped into many topiary forms besides its natural narrow-conical appearance.

The conifer bears fleshy red seeds that resemble disciples of Buddha, hence its common name. Revered as a lucky charm and used commonly as a fengshui tree in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Japan, Podocarpus is thought to attract good health as well as wealth. In fact, there is a popular Chinese proverb which says, “家有羅漢松一世唔會窮”, which denotes “a home that has a Podocarpus, its owner will never live a poor life”.

Garden Stones

A highly customized and visually diverse creation.
More than just a cornerstone in your garden, adding garden stones to your blissful mini world of nature enhances the way your daily getaway should be. We have pebbles, gravels, rocks, and even sands for you to choose from.


A highly customized and visually diverse creation.
Our experienced landscapers know what is best to decorate your living environment. With professional ideas and creative arrangement suggested, your garden would certainly glitter as these magnificent flowers present.

Gardening Accessories

A highly customized and visually diverse creation.

A garden wouldn't be complete without the accessories to upkeep the nature's splendours. We sell gardening tools and accessories at Earthly Treasures too. Come forth, we have a lot to share with you - tips and the tools.

Zen Landscapes Designed For Your Home

Landscaping Photo Gallery

Picture Gallery of works done.
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Paradise At Home

Topaz Landscape & Nursery Sdn Bhd (422529T)
(Formerly known as Topaz Diversity Sdn Bhd)

Lot 32537, Jalan Atmosphere Utama 2, 43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan (next to Farm in the City)

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