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Friday, 12 January 2018 01:05

How a Chinese Garden Creates Fortune through Plants, Solid Wood Furniture and other Elements

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In order to understand how a Chinese garden creates fortune, we begin first with an understanding of what this ancient art is: Maggie Keswick, author of The Chinese Garden: history, art and architecture, describes Chinese gardens as cosmic diagrams that reveal a profound and ancient view of the world and of man's place in it. The ancient Chinese garden designer constantly evolves his garden through continuous adjustments and additions. These seemingly tiny decisions to rearranging physical spaces are fueled by intellectual capacity, deep understanding of the Taoist balance in nature and mastery of Feng Shui. Garden designers would need to understand the basics of architecture, botany, water management, rock selection, wood furniture selection, history and artwork associated with gardens and the symbolism of each plant. At first glance, a Chinese garden does seem like a complex combination of aesthetically pleasing plants, solid wood furniture and other elements, but for it to be truly complete, it also needs to appear unplanned.

Most people know that Feng Shui translates to ‘wind and water’. It is a form of geomancy, which involves designing spaces to create healthy ‘Qi’ or energy that will attract good fortune. The good news is that even the most basic Feng Shui principles can create conditions to attract some good fortune, but if you want exceptional results, you may want to consult a reputable Feng Shui consultant with Taoist knowledge to check on the almanacs, measure energy and work with designers to plan spaces that generate ‘Qi’ that benefits your family, in accordance to the right time to build and complete construction in accordance to the natural flow of energy.

When designing a Chinese Garden that creates good fortune, one must consider how to balance the yin and yang, which are represented in every element in the garden from the rock, soil, and choice of plants to the water. Stones for one represent ‘yang’, while water represents ‘yin’. A garden that generates good ‘qi’ is one that is balanced with each element of the garden interacting in perfect harmony, with the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood represented flawlessly and in accordance with Taoist cosmology. You can already start to see that a good Feng Shui consultant is as important as a landscape designer.

Ancient Chinese garden owners used a lot of natural materials to design and build their gardens. These requirements may sound intimidating especially if you want to build a garden like the ancient Chinese. Fortunately, these days you can go to an expert for all your landscaping and gardening needs. Earthly Treasures is lead by an experienced team that can take care of everything from design to build. With a well-stocked nursery in Sri Kembangan, it boasts an incredible collection of trees, indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, pots, soil, rocks and solid wood furnishings and table tops that can bring joy to any home owner. To help you navigate this amazing garden collection, there are experts on hand that can give guidance and exceptional service.

The most extraordinary and perhaps most valuable investment you could probably make is the Earthly Treasures’ solid wood table. It is custom made, unique and respectfully crafted to show beautiful wood grains and natural texture. Best of all – it is known for good ‘Qi’ – and is perfect as a centerpiece for your garden space, where your family can gather and enjoy the calm, fulfilling and nourishing energy of your garden. A calm mind, and peaceful heart often times attracts good fortune, because the mind is not boggled by negativity, rather a peaceful state makes it possible to recognize opportunities and generate solutions that bring good fortune.

Bring a breath of fresh air and good fortune to your home. Find out how to create the garden of your dreams:  http://earthlytreasures.com.my/contact.html

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