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Thursday, 04 January 2018 01:04

Fluid Spaces: of Light, Wind and Solid Wood

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With climate, budget, material and other countless factors at play in the development of a dream home with fluid spaces filled with light and wind, the best job is often done by a consultant who lives and breathes the environment in which they work and the natural materials like solid wood and stone, which they bring to life. 

For Earthly Treasures, nature and an understanding of ‘Qi’ is an integral factor in the design, no matter the location. This design philosophy is tailored to the Malaysian tropical landscape, where every nook and corner of the country is abundant with diverse flora and fauna and rich evergreen timber. With the principles of Feng Shui as a guide, the consultants create spaces that bring calm and peace, typically with lush greenery, cool breeze and generous shaded spaces.

With ambitions to minimize the need for synthetic materials and odd constricted corners, the consultants would sometimes experiment with real wood furniture or recycled natural materials to either soften the room or emphasize wide windows that bring in light onto solid wood dining table as a central focal point that stands out as a communal space. Often times, an artfully designed large courtyard garden will flow naturally into an open living, dining and kitchen space. The openness is a void that allows for air to flow and creates a natural cooling system. The fluidity in space is also filtered by variations in sections and light, rather than partitions thus having the interior and exterior spaces blending seamlessly.  The outcome is a home where residents can cross and engage with spaces in a natural way.

The star of the open space home is a handsome handmade solid wood dining table. Earthly Treasures sources it and other wood table tops from evergreens such as Podocarpus and Juniperus, and recycled and environmental friendly solid timber tabletops from local Chengal, Merbau and Yellow Balau quality timber variants. These beautiful handcrafted wood pieces are known to generate good feng shui and a flow of healthy “Qi”, which explains why their clients are always in a good mood in these commissioned spaces.

The work is a result of collaboration as consultants work very closely with clients – typically families – in the design and planning of the space. The process adds a personal element to each project. Clients are often glad to follow the principles of Feng Shui and are drawn to building spaces that work best with the way they live, and the way their homes work. An extraordinary process unfolds especially when the client commissions a solid wood table as the heart of the communal space first, because it makes all other decisions from the choice of accessories, fabrics, lights and other furniture, seem rather natural!

While Earthly Treasure’s hardwood furnitures are respectfully sourced from natural locations, they don’t forgo Malaysia’s other great tradition: fusion, respect and beauty. The woodworkers and artisans work with the wood in almost spiritual manner, by creating pieces the way the furniture pieces wants to be created. The results are often beautiful real wood furniture or solid wood dining tables that are always one of a kind. Its unique grain and pleasant ‘Qi’ is mysteriously magnetic and often draws the residents of the home closer to each other. 

Residents are thankful for the light and breezy spaces, as opposed to the stuffy, artificially cooled homes in which most typical home owners reside in. Other little touches, such as a solid wood dining table, rich timber window coverings, make the living experience more pleasurable. The thought of how much joy each project brings to the residents in itself is all the motivation the consultants need. Want to speak to a human and get a personal touch to creating a fluid living space? Reach out here:  http://earthlytreasures.com.my/contact.html

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