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Friday, 22 December 2017 00:58

The Perfect Home: Living Spaces with Real Wood Furniture

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The perfect home. How can interior designers, architects, builders and feng shui consultants make spaces that reflect our shifting globalised needs and make us feel good about ourselves? What happens when we step inside our homes, close our doors and occupy living spaces with real wood furniture  – how do our homes evolve as the shapes of our families fluctuate? We have to ask this questions to create a home with ease and cohesion.

This post explores the combined art of Chinese Feng Shui to harness Qi or energy and the Japanese essence of Zen aesthetic known as 和 Wa - loosely translated to ‘harmony’ - to create spaces that are tranquil, beautiful, safe, satisfying, full of life and brimming with the energy of good fortune.

Feng Shui is essentially about ensuring a good flow of energy within your home. This basic principle, coupled with your own creativity does wonders to create a space that enlivens and nourishes. It inspires you to blend a gratifying mix of nature and furnishing made of subtle yet strong materials to encourage a soft, graceful flow of gentle movements into your living space. This is in perfect harmony with the aesthetic principles of 和 Wa.

Wood is a subtle material and is one of the five Feng Shui elements other than fire, earth, metal and water, which can create and radiate qi. To bring more life into your home, you would need three to five of these elements in each room. If you’re creating an open living to dining space you may want to have a large solid wood dining table with exceptionally beautiful grains in the center of the room because this element is known to enhance creativity, self-awareness, intuition, flexibility and personal growth.

This element is one of the oldest design materials, and is still used by interior designers and architects today. Having a wood dining table or at the very least real wood furniture in your dining room, represents a united family because far from its flat surface upon which most dinners would be held, it will be the heartbeat of the family and a place to gather.

Extend the flow of your space by setting up charming little spots for sitting, eating and relaxing in the kitchen, the den and on the veranda. Have your little table top in KL nestled in a corner beneath a simple wind chime; it acts as an energy cleanser and a Zen sanctuary for your family. Your living spaces can be softened with coordinating fabrics on wood tabletops. The depth in hue and texture of subtle fabrics can be applied in most areas from window sheers to upholstery, for a seamless visually pleasing finish.

Another Feng Shui principle that you can use to generate a greater flow of qi is to ensure that your home is always free from clutter. Keeping your space clear does wonders to create a good mood at home. You can keep clutter at bay by throwing away anything you no longer need or keeping your things organized in systematic storage spaces.

Bring a fresh, natural feeling to your home by following principles of Wa: choose subtle over obvious colors. When there is nothing out of place or screaming for visual attention then your home will hold the energy of harmony and beauty. Imagine your family gathering happily at your beautiful dining table at the heart of your home. It is a perfect home where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

If you’re an IKEA furniture graduate, you’ll know that while their furniture is looks great, it may not last forever and you’re going to need higher quality well-crafted solid wood furniture that can guarantee longevity. How would you know quality wooden furniture? Thankfully, our consultants are on hand to help: http://earthlytreasures.com.my/contact.html

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