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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:57

Know These Solid Wood Table Tops Before Buying Yours

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Furniture is the part of your home that gives an exponential rise to its beauty and style. Although some may like one kind of furniture while others may not like it, there is one type of furniture that everybody agrees is elegant, durable and natural, and that is solid wood table. This article aims to educate you on the many choices of solid wood tables for your home or office.

Merbau wood table top KL comes with a variety of appearances, ranging from orange-brown to reddish-brown color. Due to its mixed natural color that gives a baroque urban touch to your place, the Merbau wood tabletop will give a contemporary look to your living room and it will complement the beauty of your furniture. If you’re targeting elegance with a dark theme, Merbau is one of the best choices for you.

Teak wood is another choice for you to meet your furniture needs. Besides, natural oils in solid wood table made of teak wood give it a natural shine and a greasy finish. Earlywood and latewood pores, heartwood deposits, and bands on the teak wood give it a distinct look that is perfect when you wish to see vintage look in your furniture. And teak wood tabletop, being decay resistant, is highly durable and perfect for a cozy living room or a lavish office. A solid wood table made from Zebrano is light brown with dark brown streaks that gives it a rather casual yet modern look to your living room. This strong and stiff wood with fairly high density, bold and distinct striping is very durable and has unique zebra patterns.

If you are seeking the best table top KL has to offer, try Ebony wood or Gaboon Ebony. The jet-black ebony wood has a smooth look that is free of grains, high natural luster, and is very durable. Ebony wood has good resistance against termites and insects that are considered harmful for furniture. Gaboon Ebony gives an elegant look, hence commonly used in office furniture; it looks equally good in homes having dark themes.

Rosewood is known for its coarse texture and uniformity, with colours ranging from darker chocolate brown to a lighter purplish and reddish brown. Rosewood has a unique grain pattern that looks like a spider web, which is not only naturally beautiful but is also durable and resistant to rot and insect attacks. Furniture made of Rosewood has a royal touch due to its neatness and prominence. If you are seeking a solid wood table with neat, distinguishing touch, fresh brown look, choose one made of Rosewood.

We hope this article has enlightened you on the wide choices of solid wood tables KL has to offer. Feel free to contact us to view our wide range of solid wood tables made from the hardwood described above.

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